CARDIOID's Patent Pending Technology is Highly Secure, Universally Embeddable, Widely Deployable, and Scalable -- Providing an Unprecedented Level of Accuracy, Convenience, Safety and Security at Home, at Work, in Industry and On-the-Go.

CARDIOID’s authentication technology provides an unprecedented level of convenience and security with unmatched biometric accuracy, making it the most proven way to authenticate one's identity aside from DNA. CARDIOID's platform uses newest encryption and sensor technology to deliver a fast and friendly user experience to identify the unique characteristics of each user.

CARDIOID's technology is highly embeddable and suitable for use in many market segments, including enterprise, healthcare, financial services, communication, automotive, government, and more.

"As the Internet of Things continues to grow rapidly from simple home thermostats to complex transit systems, advanced factories (Industry 4.0), interconnected financial systems and crypto currencies, and more, security is increasingly important," said Robertino Matausch, CEO and Founder of CARDIOID. "The utilisation of CARDIOID's authentication solution across all of these markets and sectors will add a high-level of security while keeping systems smart, fast, and easy to use. Biometrics has increasingly become a desired authentication mechanism for access management and increased security and will soon be integrated into every facet of life."


Currently CARDIOID opens doors, grants access to connected devices like PCs and can replace the PIN on your credit card.

With the SecureCircle-Platform and with the SecureCircle-Apps CARDIOID offers an enterprise level platform for seamless encrypted secure communication.

Next Steps

• CARDIOID and Blockchain

• ePayment - contactless secure proximity payment

• eGovernment - tamperproof e-voting and digital passes

• Biometric Keyless Go System for cars

• Single Sign On for networks and services with biometric security

• personalised secure Smart-home-Solutions and Access Control

The requirements for security and data protection will permanently increase as the digitisation progresses. Especially in eGovernment and ePayment the protection and much more important the Authenticity of the digital identity will be indispensable.

Crypto-currencies, smart contracts and tamperproof e-voting-systems will be the future in our daily life.

That is the reason a "mobile" solution like a smartphone and the separation of the real and digital identity associated with it cannot be a valid secure solution for the future.