Persistent Trust
"The most important thing that we offer is the concept of 'Persistent Trust'. The idea that if you want to pay with a mobile phone, you always have to prove who you actually are, regardless of whether with a fingerprint, your face or PIN, is absurd to us. This absurdity is due to the artificial separation between the digital and the real identity.
Today a "mobile" device represents my digital identity, logically separate and as the name suggests "mobile", so it can be separated at any time spatially from my real identity.
By wearing something that permanently knows me and above all proves who is making the interaction with payment systems, unlocking devices or interact with services transparent, intuitive, seamless and comfortable.
The concept of 'Persistent Trust' and the band CARDIOID with its innovative biometric recognition allow just that. They combine digital and real identity again to form a entity. "
(Robertino Matausch, founder of CARDIOID)